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Sweet Rainbow Dream Mix Bon Bon Stone Bracelet

Sweet Rainbow Dream Mix Bon Bon Stone Bracelet

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The Sweet Rainbow Dream Mix Bon Bon Stone Bracelet is a delightful blend of style. Each bracelet is handcrafted with careful attention to detail, ensuring a unique piece of jewelry that stands out.  This bracelet features a collection of polished natural gemstones. The Bon Bon design refers to the round shape of beads. 

-  Green Tourmaline
prosperity and forgiveness

- Pink Tourmaline
 mental and emotional health

- Amethyst
peace and clarity

- Chrysoprase
forgiveness and growth
- Amazonite
calm and self love

- Rose Quartz 
love and deeper inner feelings

These natural stones are sourced conflict free*
Handmade in Switzerland

What's in the Box:
1x Sweet Rainbox Dream Mix Bon Bon Bracelet
Material: Natural Stone
Finish: Mix of facetted
Size: 8mm 
8mm silver disco ball in the middle of the band
Shape: Button

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